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The founders of AirGreen are in possession of patents and technologies dealing with "Improving the environment we all live in". The company owns enterprises leaning on intellectual property. AirGreen provides planning and marketing services according to the projects nature and partners. Promotion of each project is subject to fund raising needed for international development and marketing.

Prevention of concentrated and uneven air flows to the air conditioned room which cause unpleasant feeling and uneven temperatures.

Obtaining an immediate even cooling effect and pleasant feeling upon turning the air conditioning unit on.

Energy savings as the desired room temperature is evenly distributed and  reached immediately upon turning on the cooling unit.

The Device collects and filters polluted dust from the air at every height, halting and clearing polluted air of all kinds.

Protection of biological and chemical bombs, preventing damage of polluted drift.

Preventing expansion of chemical waste coming from polluting industry plants.

Protecting property value in endangered areas.

Preventing drift of polluting materials damaging population's health.

Enforcement power for authorities against invasive polluting sources.

The dried organic sludge can be cost effectively be utilized for the production of compost, Liquid fuels and energy.

For every million people a 1.8 hectare sludge drying installation is needed.

The dried sludge weighs approx. 30% of its original weight.

Sludge removal costs shrink by 70%.

Each square meter of greenhouse dries approx. 4 tons of sludge a year.

Is it possible to plant a 1000-3000 trees in an hour?

How do you accelerate in balancing co2 levels and slowing down the process of global warming?

Did you know that there are trees whose fruit are refined diesel? Planting them accelerates the sinking of CO2, slowing down global warming and producing fuel oil.

The diesel fruit grows in barren land not replacing areas of food product growing.

Preventing a drift of poisonous pesticide harming population and environment.

The clean pest control method enables regulation and enforcement of pesticide use · and prevent the pollution caused by it. Measuring spray quality by using a mobile phone transmitting data

to computing center enables fast adjustment and better results.

All leaves are efficiently covered with pesticide on both sides

Marketing companies are in search for agricultural products branded as "green", "clean" and "healthy" at a reasonable price.

Efficient agriculture with full use of solar energy.

The simplest solution increases agricultural production by 30% and the turnover too!

A sheet laying system that cuts off the root zone, pumps drain water with the fertilizers, prevents contamination of ground water and reuse for irrigation.

Different terrain areas like mountains, pasture or agricultural land fenced fast and easy by using a light and simple tool with minimum of physical force.

Lack of agricultural areas especially in developing areas -land can be made usable again after de-mining.

The De-Mining system makes it possible to clear areas of mines and at the same time prepare it for its next function.

The system clears away unnecessary vegetation, ploughs the ground, smashes stones and leaves the area ready for food growing.

Nowadays as food prices in the world rise, putting the emphasis on damage prevention becomes even more meaningful.

A controlling system prevents damage to containers and platforms during handling.

Minimize quantities of waste and get full value for products.

Result: Full utilization of food.

Detecting obstacles on the railways, straight portions and curved as well, stopping the train, preventing collision with the obstacle.

A simple and clever solution of computerized vision analysis combined with the engine's camera.

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